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How are baitcasting reels different from other reels

The fishing reel is an essential part of any fisherman’s equipment. Attached to the fishing rod, a fishing reel is how you cast and pull the fishing line. But learning how to use a fishing reel is not enough because you also need to be able to differentiate between different types of reels and know how each one is utilized.

There are three basic types of fishing reels. Spincast reels are the best for beginners because of how easy they are to use. The spool is completely enclosed and you control them by pushing a special button under your thumb as you release the line. Another type is the spinning reel. Spinning reels are the most commonly used reels by anglers of all advancement levels. They are attached underneath the rod and before you cast the line you need to open the ‘bail’ – this loosens the line. You stop the line from loosening completely by holding it with your index finger and release the finger as you make the casting motion. When the bait falls underwater in the right position, you close the ‘bail’ of the reel. Spinning reels are a little bit more complicated than spincast reels but provide more accuracy. The third basic type of fishing reels is the baitcasting reel. Although notoriously difficult to control, baitcasting reels allow the angler to do long casts with utmost precision.

What makes baitcasting reels difficult

Baitcasting reels sit on top of the fishing rod and have a rotating spool. They are difficult to operate due to two main factors: the need to control the spool with your thumb as you cast and the potential for the so-called ‘backlash’. Even the best baitcasting reel will require some practice to fully learn how to operate.

First, you need to release the spool using a button or a lever to let it spin. Then, as you cast the line, you put your thumb on the spool to slow it down – that’s how you control the length and speed of the cast. The accuracy of the cast depends solely on how well you can control the spool with your thumb and this is a difficult skill to learn.

The dreaded ‘backlash’, i.e. the line getting knotted, occurs when the line is overrun or when the lure meets resistances, for example as it goes underwater. To lessen or even fully avoid backlash, you need to manually adjust the spool tension according to the size of the lure. So each time you change lure, you also need to additionally make changes in your spool settings.

If you want to catch plenty of fish you don’t necessarily need to master the craft of using a baitcasting reel. You can also use these fish finders or any other products to make fishing easier. Baitcasting reels are a great tool to learn as you gain more fishing experience but they are not essential to enjoying this wonderful sport.

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Scroll saw – what is it used for?

A scroll saw is a tool that has very specific applications. It is not the most commonly used tool but when in the right hands, it can create beautiful and unique designs.

A scroll saw is most often used in woodworking to cut intricate patterns in the wood. It allows the user to make precise cuts in virtually any pattern. People use scroll saws to create wooden art or toys, make decorative edges and carve detailed designs. And while these machines are a favorite of any artisan woodworker, they can also be used to cut other materials, such as plastic or metal.

Scroll saw anatomy

A scroll saw is a type of a benchtop saw. They consist of a flat tabletop on which you place the piece of wood you want to etch designs onto. Above the table, there is an arm with a blade attached to it. The distance between the blade and the rear frame is referred to as the scroll saw throat and it is the most common way of measuring the size of a scroll saw.

Scroll saws can be either electric or operated by a foot pedal. In both cases, the user is free to use both hands to guide the piece of materials along the tabletop in the desired direction.

The blades are what determines the quality of the cut. Scroll saws use very fine blades, much smaller than those used in other types of saws. The speed is adjustable and you can make it as slow as you need to. This allows for greater accuracy. The cuts are very thin resulting in intricate designs.

Different blades will yield different results. Some make the cutting slower, making them good for beginners. Others will only work with certain types of materials. For example, you cannot use a blade for wood to cut through metal.

The best scroll saw should be able to work with various blades without a hitch and have enough tabletop space to comfortably move your work around. The speed should also be adjusted in an intuitive way to avoid work accidents.

How to use a scroll saw

Scroll saws are one of the easiest types of power saws to operate and they are an excellent tool for beginners who want to unleash their creativity. They can also be safely used by children – the risk of injury is relatively small and even if it occurs, the damage should not be substantial due to the low speed of the machine and fine blades.

Scroll saws are safe to use as long as you follow some simple guidelines: make sure the machine is properly secured, use the right blade for the job, only turn the machine on when you are ready to make your cut.

Most people using a scroll saw help themselves with a previously prepared paper design. It’s simply a sheet of paper with your design printed on it. You just glue the paper on top of your material using some kind of adhesive and later follow along the printed pattern by guiding your project with your hands. After you have completed your design, it is recommended to spray your work with lacquer to give it a finishing touch.

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Fun and modern products to gift your kid

Every parent likes to think that they are smarter than their children but the truth is that in certain areas the kids outsmart the adults overwhelmingly. The most well-known of these areas is technology.

Young people often know much more about computers, programming, smartphones, etc. than the older generations and there is nothing wrong with that. This is mainly due to the fact that children nowadays have access to high tech devices from a very young age and they learn much more quickly than adults. They pick up on things that might seem extremely complicated relatively easy.

This set up has its benefits. You can always ask for their help if you are having trouble with your TV or laptop and even if they don’t know the solution right away, they will be able to google it faster than you could. And seeing how your kid is into technology will probably make you want to gift them something related to that. But parents often don’t have adequate knowledge about high tech or don’t know enough about the different devices out there to buy the right item. So here are some ideas about what you can give to your kid to make them happy.

Gaming equipment

Many kids are avid gamers these days. And there are many items you can buy that would enrich their gaming experience. If you have the funds, you can always go for the newest generation gaming console or, if they are a PC player, the newest graphic card, but these things tend to get quite expensive. For something more affordable, how about gifting them a new pair of gaming earbuds? They will allow your kid to react more quickly to different game sounds and play more efficiently. Also, if they are using audio to communicate with their teammates, the sound of their voices will be much better with good quality earbuds. And most importantly, they will keep you from hearing the loud gaming noises coming from your kid’s room. It can be difficult to know which are the best gaming earbuds for your kids but just look at reviews on the Internet to get a better idea.

Electric motorcycles

This item is not really a high tech kind of product but it is something that probably wasn’t around when you were little. Kids electric motorcycles are powered by batteries and they are a very safe way of introducing your child to the world of motorcycles. Kids as small as 3 years old can drive them because they don’t reach high speeds. To know which electric motorcycle for kids to buy, you need to consider your child’s age, height, and maturity level. For the youngest ones, you can get a motorcycle that has a maximum speed of only 2 mph. An electric motorcycle is a great modern gadget that might make your kid actually want to spend time outdoors.

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How to change a flat tire

Every driver should know how to deal with a flat tire to avoid surprises when out on a drive. Changing a tire can seem like black magic for someone who has never changed one but it is actually quite simple. As long as you have the right tools, of course. If all goes well, you should be back on the road in less than 30 minutes.

In this short guide, we will explain how to change a flat tire step by step and introduce all the necessary equipment you will need.

Find the right spot

You can’t just change your tire anywhere. You need to make sure you’re not a danger to other drivers. A level surface away from the main road would be perfect. If you need to do it along the road, make sure that you can park your car far enough from the traffic lane and that you aren’t parked near any bends or curves so that oncoming drivers have plenty of time to notice you.

Prepare your car

Before doing anything else, make sure to turn off the engine, apply the handbrake, turn on hazard lights and get your passengers out of the car. Put wheel wedges (or a brick/large stone) under the wheels on the opposite side of the tire you want to change. So if your flat tire is in the back, put the wedges underneath the front tires. This will prevent your car from rolling while you work. Remove the hubcap and loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench to make it easier to remove the tire later.

Raise your car

For this step, you will need to use a jack. You should always have one in your car. If you haven’t purchased one yet find out what the best floor jack for your car is. Each car has specific spots under which you should put your jack. If you don’t know where they are, refer to the car’s manual. You should choose the one nearest to the flat tire. Then, raise your car until the tire is about six inches off the ground.

Remove the flat tire

Unscrew the lug nuts all the way and take down the defunct tire.

Place the spare tire

Now you can mount the spare tire. Mount it onto the car’s frame until lug bolts show through. Tighten the lug nuts as much as you can by hand.

Lower the vehicle

Slowly lower your vehicle until the spare tire touches the ground but don’t lower it all the way just yet. Now you can tighten the lug nuts with a wrench and only then lower it completely. Put the hubcap back on.

Check the pressure

Spare tires, especially ones that were stored in your trunk for a long time, can sometimes not be inflated enough to drive safely. You will need to either drive to the nearest car service station or inflate it by yourself with a tire inflator. We recommend to purchase one and keep it in your car for emergencies. You can check out portable tire inflators suggested by

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How to customize your clothes

Nowadays you can DIY anything, not only your furniture. The trend of creating items on our own isn’t only about making things from scratch, it also refers to customizing already existing items, such as clothes.

Customizing clothes can be done in many ways, some more permanent than others. It is a great way of giving them your own unique touch and expressing yourself through creativity. With just a little effort, you can make something that will set you apart from the crowd wearing the same old kind of white t-shirts all the time. Clothes customization is also great for people who struggle to find clothes in their style at apparel stores. These are just some of the methods you can use to personalize your clothes:

Use fabric markers

Fabric markers are one of the simplest ways of customizing clothes that literally anyone can do. Fabric markers act like regular markers except that they are made to last when used on pieces of fabric. Due to the addition of permanent dye, they will not wash out or fade when put in the laundry. Best fabric markers will make your personal design last for many years. Fabric markers come in many different colors and shapes. Those with a finer tip are better for delicate and intricate designs, such as lettering. Thicker fabric markers are more suited for filling in large areas with color.

Replace small elements

Replacing buttons in your shirt or shoe ties in your favorite pair of sneakers is very easy to do and can give your items a new look with minimal effort. Matching different can be fun and you can even do it depending on your mood at a particular moment. Go to any craft store to find a massive selection of various buttons and shoe ties.

Use a sewing machine

Sewing machines give you plenty of possibilities to customize your clothes in different ways. You can even use them to create completely new clothes out of your old ones – making your pants or skirts shorter, creating a dress out of a large shirt, the possibilities are endless. Sewing machines can also help you tailor your clothing by yourself. Wearing well-fitted clothes makes all the difference and a sewing machine is a great solution to having to buy new sets of clothes each time we lose or put on weight.

Dye your clothes

Dyeing your clothes is a fun way of changing the color of the fabric and expressing your inner creativity. Tie-dye kits are widely available and easy to use. You just need to use a rubber band to tie up the item in any way you want before applying the dye. When untied, you will get a new piece of clothing with a unique design. This works great on white and light-colored fabrics. For darker ones, for example, denim, bleach can be used as a dye to achieve a great-looking effect. Splattering bleach on the back of your jeans jacket is just one of the many ideas.

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