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How to customize your clothes

Nowadays you can DIY anything, not only your furniture. The trend of creating items on our own isn’t only about making things from scratch, it also refers to customizing already existing items, such as clothes.

Customizing clothes can be done in many ways, some more permanent than others. It is a great way of giving them your own unique touch and expressing yourself through creativity. With just a little effort, you can make something that will set you apart from the crowd wearing the same old kind of white t-shirts all the time. Clothes customization is also great for people who struggle to find clothes in their style at apparel stores. These are just some of the methods you can use to personalize your clothes:

Use fabric markers

Fabric markers are one of the simplest ways of customizing clothes that literally anyone can do. Fabric markers act like regular markers except that they are made to last when used on pieces of fabric. Due to the addition of permanent dye, they will not wash out or fade when put in the laundry. Best fabric markers will make your personal design last for many years. Fabric markers come in many different colors and shapes. Those with a finer tip are better for delicate and intricate designs, such as lettering. Thicker fabric markers are more suited for filling in large areas with color.

Replace small elements

Replacing buttons in your shirt or shoe ties in your favorite pair of sneakers is very easy to do and can give your items a new look with minimal effort. Matching different can be fun and you can even do it depending on your mood at a particular moment. Go to any craft store to find a massive selection of various buttons and shoe ties.

Use a sewing machine

Sewing machines give you plenty of possibilities to customize your clothes in different ways. You can even use them to create completely new clothes out of your old ones – making your pants or skirts shorter, creating a dress out of a large shirt, the possibilities are endless. Sewing machines can also help you tailor your clothing by yourself. Wearing well-fitted clothes makes all the difference and a sewing machine is a great solution to having to buy new sets of clothes each time we lose or put on weight.

Dye your clothes

Dyeing your clothes is a fun way of changing the color of the fabric and expressing your inner creativity. Tie-dye kits are widely available and easy to use. You just need to use a rubber band to tie up the item in any way you want before applying the dye. When untied, you will get a new piece of clothing with a unique design. This works great on white and light-colored fabrics. For darker ones, for example, denim, bleach can be used as a dye to achieve a great-looking effect. Splattering bleach on the back of your jeans jacket is just one of the many ideas.

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