New Mammalogy Textbook Coming in January

The new edition of Mammalogy by Vaughan, Ryan, and Czaplewski will be available in January 2014.

The sixth edition of Mammalogy represents a significant revision because, although the basic framework of the book remains intact, all of the chapters have been extensively revised and
updated with new information. We have completely revised and updated our discussion of the fossil history of mammals, placed related topics in boxed inserts in each chapter, and included two new chapters: “Mammalian Domestication” and “Mammalian Disease and Zoonoses.” We have also added many new photographs and drawings to illustrate key points made in the text, while retaining the original anatomical drawings by senior author Terry Vaughan.


An Instructor’s Media CD, compatible with Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems, is available to instructors using Mammalogy, Sixth Edition. The media CD includes the following traditional ancillaries:

• The PowerPoint® Image Bank provides the illustrations, photographs, and tables to which Jones and
Bartlett holds the copyright or has permission to reproduce digitally) inserted into PowerPoint slides.
The images can be easily incorporated into existing lecture slides.

• The PowerPoint Lecture Outline Slides presentation package provides lecture outline notes for each chapter of Mammalogy. Instructors with the
Microsoft PowerPoint software can customize the outlines, art, and order of presentation. Also available to instructors are a downloadable set of Discussion Questions. These questions, presented in Microsoft Word documents by each chapter, provide starting points for classroom discussion or homework and come with suggested answers.

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